Choosing a Canopy Shelter

Whether you’re camping at the beach or tailgating with friends, a canopy shelter can provide you with ample UV protection from the sun. These simple and portable outdoor structures offer a temporary working place that helps protect you from harsh sunlight, rains, and winds. They are also a great solution for school activities and events. They can serve as a classroom tent or a temporary outdoor workspace for students and teachers.

When choosing a canopy, look for one with a powder-coated frame that’s collapsible to set up in seconds and telescoping legs that snap into place at adjustable heights. Consider models with a convenient carry bag that features high-density wheels to make it easy to roll the canopy into and out of your car. Also, look for a frame with built-in guy lines and stake bags to help secure the pop-up canopy against windy conditions.

Innovative Designs in Canopy Shelter Technology

If you’re using your canopy for screening or testing during a pandemic, look for larger models with removable sidewalls that can be taken off to allow for traffic flow through the center of the structure. These types of canopies are often used as drive thru screening tents during a pandemic, allowing first responders and healthcare workers to test and screen people without having to enter the building. You can also choose a canopy with sidewalls that zip into place to block out the elements during inclement weather. These models are a little heavier than others with the addition of walls, but they’re still lightweight enough to be carried around on backpacks and other gear.