Five Websites That Cover Football News

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Legends Remembered: Tributes to Football Icons and Icons-to-Be

Sports Illustrated

Founded in 1979, Sports Illustrated is an iconic sports publication that offers current scores and news as well as highlights and analysis on a wide variety of sports topics. The site features a diverse array of content, including video, articles and a comprehensive database of players. In addition to its extensive coverage of major sporting events, Sports Illustrated also covers the latest news and rumors in the world of sports.

Forbes Sports

Featuring a team of some of the top NFL analysts on the web, Forbes provides a variety of season-long and DFS content and tools for fantasy football. Their NFL analysis is particularly strong, with a focus on advanced stats and player projections. You can find their analysis on the site, as well as on its podcast. This site is free to use, but you do need a subscription to access all of its premium content. FFToday