RS Contractors – Heating and Boiler Services

Glasgow Heating and Boiler Services repair work or you need a new one installed we offer a service to suit your requirements and budget. Our heating engineers are fully qualified Gas Safe registered and can carry out a full boiler inspection including checking all your heating controls, making sure they are working safely, cleaning your system and if needed adjusting the gas pressure.

A well-maintained boiler is an essential component of a warm and comfortable home. Getting your boiler regularly serviced helps to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency, saving you money on energy bills and potentially cutting down on carbon emissions. Having your boiler regularly serviced also preserves your warranty, something that could become invalid without regular maintenance.

The Glasgow climate can place a lot of stress on heating systems and their components, increasing wear and tear. Regular maintenance checks can help to spot any issues early on and prevent costly repairs.

Keeping Warm: Boiler Repair Services in Glasgow

RS Contractors is a reliable, professional firm of heating and plumbing engineers based in Glasgow, specialising in heating services. The company has a great reputation and always provides a high level of service at competitive prices.

On average, homeowners can expect to pay between PS90 and PS120 for a boiler service in Glasgow. The exact price will vary by provider and the type of boiler being serviced. For example, an older boiler may require additional parts to be replaced, inflating labour and material costs. A boiler located in a hard-to-reach location may also increase the service time and incur extra charges. Finally, compliance with safety regulations could necessitate extra inspections and adjustments, nudging the final price up.